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fox reports this sunday, september 19th, 2010. i'm julie banderas, thanks for watching. have a great week, everyone and remember, we've got a date next saturday. hope to see you then. . >> ladies and gentlemen, governor, mike huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> everybody, thank you so much. what a great audience we had here today. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. once dismissed by nancy pelosi as astroturf, the tea party is a force to be reckoned with. and tonight, the senate candidate sharon angle running against harry reid in one of the most high profile races in the mid term elections is with us. also -- [applause]
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>> we have super bowl winner and mvp quarterback kurt warner, he was a star on the field, but can he dance with the stars on the dance floor? we'll find out. [applause]. [applause]. >> . >> plus, actress and activist janine turner is back with us and she's got the winner of her constituting america contest. all of that, and much more on tonight's show and we're glad that you're here, (applause) >> the polls are showing that it's looking more and more likely that republicans will take control of the house in the mid term elections. if democrat lose the majority, nancy pelosi is going to step down as house speaker and the party is going to ask a plan for her return to the future without california congress woman, nancy pelosi as their leader. i wonder, how would the rest of america and for that matter the rest of the world react if nancy pelosi was forced to
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give up her powerful post? here is a preview, let's watch. ♪ ♪ the hills are alive with the sound of music ♪ ♪ that's the way it should be, yeah ♪ ♪ (applause) >> and that's the way that people all over america and the world just might react to the elections this year, by the way, i was down in mississippi one of the eight states i've been in this week and a candidate for congress handed me a hat, i liked it a lot and i wanted to show it to you, and i thought it was perfect, and for some of us, this would be one we would be
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proud to wear all over manhattan and the rest of the country. i'll sign it and give it to an audience member later in the show. >> the elites, the insider dc pundits have been in a real snit about the stunning election of christine o'donnell in delaware to the senate nomination, that with primary elections, rand paul in kentucky, marco rubio and those are personally some of the candidates i endorsed and sharron angle, these are a gut punch to the movers and shakers who decide our choices and making sure we were served from a menu of carefully pedigreed politicians who had the right connections and went to the right ivy league schools and had the right look and came with and from the right kind of big money. the beauty of the political uprising of this country, whether you call it the tea party or something else, is that it's exactly what the
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founders had in mind. that the people are still the bosses and can change their government when it ceases to serve and starts to enslave. have you been on the reefing end of the much of the contemptuous who does he think he is attitude when he ran for office and i'm thankful we are not going to see the mott going to take it attitude. it might be messy at times, but i'll admit i'm more catfish than caviar, more sam's club than country club, more church pew than box seats at the opera, bass boat than yacht and more comfortable at sears than saks fifth avenue, but the people who work hard and want a piece of the american dream for their own families are no longer in the back of the political bus or stand and wait at the political lunch counters, we've seen those smarter and more experienced and we've
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decided we can't afford them anymore. so this election is going to be a reminder you don't have to be rich or descended from royalty to exercise citizenship, to vote and to change the government. as to whether some of the new people are prepared, frankly, most of them have a deeper resume' than our current president and as for them going to congress. we couldn't do any worse if we just picked up 535 names from the phone book and sent them to washington. well, that's my view. and i welcome yours, you can e-mail me at mike huckabee dom koit. click on the news feedback session, that's mike one of the tightest races in the country. sharron angle is giving senate majority leader harry reid a run for his money. joining us, nevada's republican candidate, sharron angle. a pleasure to have you here, thanks and welcome to the show
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today. >> thank you, mike, nice to be with you. >> you've had just about a bulls eye on your back from the moment that you upset the political landscape and the establishment of the republican party and won the nomination. so, you've caught it from the republicans, but, boy, you've really caught it from harry reid who has called you every kind of extremist possible. >> how do you respond to some of those attacks? >> the only response is that harry reid an is in a box. he doesn't have anything else that he can say about his record or the economy, he has to say things about me, he's tak take walynnski's play book, isolate and demonize and that's what he's doing and we're just staying focused on the issues, the jobs and economy and our homes. >> there are issues that americans are concerned about five things that pollsters looked at last week, the bank
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bailout, car bailout, stimulus, financial regulation and obama care, in all of those things with the exception of financial regulation, only the new york times editorial board thought they were all great and the american people thought all of them were really, really bad and yet, you're extreme because you're in sync with most of the american public. i find that interesting, sharron. because those are the views that you took that helped you win the nomination. >> well, certainly, this tea party movement is a mainstream movement of mainstream america, the silent majority that won'ten silent any longer and they know that the common denominator in all of those policies you've just named is that push or that promoter, that's let's make a deal, harry reid. >> you know, one of the spots he's trying to attack you, we're going to play it, i want you to listen to it. i know you've heard it before, but i'd like to give you an opportunity to respond to it. here is harry reid telling everyone in nevada why you should not be the next u.s.
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senator. let's watch. >> what do you call a candidate, the way things are going the time may be coming for second amendment remedies, an armed response to our government? who says a teenager rape victim should be forced to have the baby. who proposes scientology programs for prisoners and who says that social security and medicare violate the ten commandments. what do you call that candidate. sharron angle, just too extreme. >> i'm harry reid and i approved this message. >> when i see spots like this, having been on the receiving end of this kind of stuff the las 20 years, the first reaction is not to get angry, but chuckle. boy you've got to dig around and come up with strange contortions to come to these conclusions, but if i were watching this the first time. maybe i'd be scared to death as sharron angle. respond to this and tell me is this a response to who sharr 0. n angle is here.
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>> you've hit the point here. this man is desperate and telling half truths, when you tell a half truth that's not truth at all. i am pro-life. i am very pro second amendment. i like to cut costs when i can, especially in programs that the government seems to have a resolving door on, like prisons. and so, all of those things he spoke to the audience, a half truth and said that's extreme. to me, the person who cannot tell the whole truth is the one who is extreme and very desperate. >> so, you're not really worried. you have a got answers to these of those things that he's thrown at you, but you know what? you've done some counter punching, sharron. not that you're just lay it down and take it. i want to show the viewers an ad you're running giving a picture of harry reid. >> sneaking across our
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borders, putting safety and jobs at risk and what does harry reid do, he comes out opposed to arizona's tough new immigration law and nevada families struggling with the nation's highest unemployment and harry reid votes to give special tax breaks to illegal aliens and get rid of social security benefits even from the here legally. harry reid the best friend an illegal alien has ever had. that's a pretty good counter punch. we asked senator reid to come on and defend himself. he declined our invitation. you ran that ad. what kind of response are you getting to your campaign against harry reid, the majority leader of the senate. >> people want someone to tell the truth and someone they can trust. we have been telling the truth about the economy. a lot of impacts that we've seen on our economy in nevada is this problem that we have with enforcing the laws and securing our borders, and
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harry reid is chief among those that will know the do that. in fact, in 2006 he voted for all of those things that we put on that ad, but more egregiously, he agreed with the president, when the president sued arizona over their law and then, he's come out hiding this dream act in the defense bill. the man is incorrigible when it comes to hurting our economy. as you pointed out, stimulus, bailouts, obama care, everything that harry reid has done has hurt nevada. we have the highest unemployment rates, the highest mortgage foreclosure rate and also, the highest rate of bankruptcies in the nation. we're just saying, stop doing more, harry reid, we can't afford you. >> i want to thank you for being with us today. it's been a pleasure to visit with you, i hope we get a chance to visit again very soon. >> thank you so much. [applause]. >> coming up senior political analyst for the washington
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examiner, michael barone will break down the all important nevada senate race. stay with us. [applause]. we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪
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>> mike: before thebrea >> before the break, talked with sharron angle. who is in a race with harry reid. why are they presenting a challenge to the man who has held the seat for 24 years? let's ask michael barone, the political analyst for the washington examiner and a fox news contributor. michael, i want to ask you, give us a reaction to sharron angle's comments and what she said to me a moment ago? >> well, governor, she's obviously not the smoothest candidate out there, but she's making some arguments against harry reid that have really resonated with the voters in nevada and with voters nationally, which is that we've seen a vast increase in the size and scope of government. from the obama democrats and mr. reid is the leader of the democratic party in the senate. he has supported all the moves and he's now in the position
8:16 pm
of having supported a lot of policies that are unpopular and not produced the good check results that the president and economic advisors predicted. >> we've got a map that highlights the tea party candidates. we want to zero in on nevada. tell us which of the counties does the candidate have to win in order to win that senate seat? >> with he wiell, nevada is the that is out in the desert and the decounty there is clark county and that includes las vegas and searchlight and 70% of the population. higher average in the state, unemployment in the nation. highest by far foreclosure rates in the nation. and that's really where sharron angle has to get across and it will be a test of this decentralized tea
8:17 pm
party movement which is not just one place political reporters can't call headquarters and get the boss of this. it's lots of people working in tandem with each other, making contact through new media. can they be effective in a major metro area like las vegas with nearly 2 million people? out there in the desert. that's the question. she got 38% of the vote in the primary 48% state wide. she's not from las vegas, that's the big challenge for her. >> harry reid's been in close races before. this is not new to him. let's go to 1998. the race with john enson. that was a close race. you see this as similar. >> the 1998 race against congressman john enson that was 1/10 of 1% race after harry reid had been in the senate for 12 years. interestingly, mr. reid lost a close race for the senate in
8:18 pm
1994 to paul axo. he's had experience. back then the problem was new people coming to nevada. many people hadn't heard of him. it was hard to get the message across and mr. ensign had support in the casinos and his family an important part and mr. ensign won a 2000 race for an open seat in nevada so the two of them are colleagues and harry reid's problem this year is not so much there's a lot of new people that don't know him. the polling shows that he's very well-known, that his record is known. his problem is that his positions on public policies are unpopular with the majority of nevadaens and this is a state that voted 55% for barack obama, but not a state that seems in a mood to support the obama democrats proposals. that's why we see harry reid running these negative ads and figures the only way he can win is to say the other candidate is even worse. >> mike: yeah, he's demonizing
8:19 pm
sharron angle. you mentioned a rough around edges. don't you think the american people are happy about seeing people that aren't so slick or developed they might have stepped out of a consultant's parlor, carefully crafted and made by plastic manufacturers? >> well, i guess you're talking with former senator john edwards, but i'll leave that-- (laughter) >> that's the zinger of the day, michael, you've got it. >> well, governor you come from the town of hope, arkansas, that is where former president clinton came from. something in the water that makes you articulate. kind of a trade-off, mike, on the one hand we like to see people who seem authentic, to seem to understand the likes that the ordinary people have. seem to be motivated by convictions and not just personal calculation and we like to see that. on the other hand, sometimes, the edges can be too rough and
8:20 pm
the voters may say, this candidate simply can't perform this job in an able way, or they may say, this candidate's views on some issues are really a little strange and i'm not comfortable with it. >> mike: who do you see winning this race in nevada. sharron angle or harry reid. >> if i had a thousand dollars, bet on sharron angle. >> mike: i'm not a betting maen and i can't afford a thousand dollars, we'll hold you to that and see how it turns out. michael barone, thank you very, very much. [applause] >> everybody seems to be talking about the mid term elections, but that doesn't mean that everybody will be voting in those elections. coming up, why the i won't vote crowd is out there and what they're saying. let's look at their e-mails when they come back. [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower.
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>> mike: each weekday you can >> the huckabee report. turn on almost 600 america's very finest radio stations and go to my website mike for the station near you. hear the past programs or bet are sign up for the daily pod cast. we're headed to the home stretch of the mid term elections and judging, they're not happy with capitol hill. even though you've got the power to change that, do you realize there are a lot of americans who say they have ne intention of voting. we wanted to find out from those of you who aren't going to be heading to the voting booth why, why aren't you going to go vote? our producers, caly and megan have some of the e-mails and we'll let them share with you. megan, the first one. these are people who aren't going to vote. >> thomas from indiana writes i'm nearly 60 years old and voted all of my life. considering throwing in the towel new on it forever. since the 70's i've always
8:25 pm
been disappointed by the choices after they took office. >> mike: gee, thomas i'm disappointed in choices they make, too, that doesn't mean we shouldn't vote. i encourage you to realize that choices get worse if people don't vote. don't give up. voting is the best way to get rid of the bombs. one of the best things about the election is get rid of the bums, the new bums can't be worse than the old bums. kay lee what have you got. >> bruce in california, i'm a conservative living in california outnumbered by the liberal democrats by about 10-1 and seems like my vote just does not count. >> wow, bruce, in california it may not. no, i'm kidding. yes, you're surrounded by liberals, but you know that california has a history. they've elected pete wilson and arnold schwarzenegger and they elect republicans and parts of california, orange county, san diego, duncan hunter served that district there for a long, long time. and there are a number of republicans who still get
8:26 pm
elected in california. your vote matters. and frankly, if you want to encourage more republicans to run, even if the republican in your district doesn't win, the more votes that republicans typically get in an election, will encourage some others to give it a shot. if republicans only get say, 15, 20% of the vote or even 30 they may decide it's not worth the effort. so, never ever give up because in a year like this, everything is sort of on the line. all right, back to megan. >> dan writes, i stopped voting because of jury duty harassment. >> mike: you don't want to do it because of jury duty. nothing i can help you with there. if you don't want to serve 0 and jury, better not register to vote because you may have. kay lee. >> voting this november would be like trying to decide whether to marry your first ex-wife or your second. >> mike: what can anybody say to that, maybe better at picking candidates than you were at picking wives.
8:27 pm
obviously that didn't go so well for you, but you know, the good thing is, it's not as complicated getting rid of a politician as it is getting rid of an ex-wife, one of the things that should encourage you to vote. in fact, there's anything i hope people will remember and i just want to sort of sump this, and say thanks for all the e-mails we've had. more than we can get to. but here is something i want to remind you of. if you don't vote, you essentially have said whatever the politicians do, fine with me. i've often gone to schools and i would get in front of a group of students and they don't want to hear some politician talk and say how many of you really don't care about politics and of course, they kind of-- i say, great, good news for me and they were, what? i said great news, i'm so happy to hear you don't care, you're not going to vote because i was thinking about maybe putting the bill in the legislature that would raise the age of driving to 25. and the age at which you could go out on a date to 28. and you have to have a signed permission from your parents to do it.
8:28 pm
are you guys okay with that? of course they're coming out of their desk at that point saying, you can't do that. i said, actually we can. we can unless the voters won't let us. because, actually the people don't really determine the political future of the country. voters do. only voters ultimately matter. and that's why if you're not a voter, you've basically said to the politicians, tax me any rate you want to. restrict me any way you want. but if you're a voter, you really still do control the ultimate strain of control. i hope that you won't be one of those folks who say why you won't vote. you'll be one of the folks who say nothing will keep you from the ballot box if you've got to crawl through broken glass to get the polling place that you will go vote. if you want to tell us why you will or won't vote. go to and put your name, city and state and through the elections we are going to find out why people who had the right to vote won't, and who will. coming up the head of one of
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ha-ha. you only think you're getting spoiled. [ woman announcing ] beneful incredibites. another healthful, flavorful beneful. >> from america's news headquarters, hello everyone, i'm julie banderas, the american woman arriving from an iranian prison arriving today. speaking at a news conference, sarah shourd is the one freed. her fiance and friend are held. they were detained in 2009 after iranian foreclosures say they intentionally went from iran to iraq and they said it was a huge misunderstanding. the leaking well on the gulf of mexico now permanently sealed and the announcement coming after a final check to make sure that cement plug will hold a temporary cap in place since july. a drilling rig explosion
8:33 pm
damaged the well and 11 workers were killed and more than 200 gallons of oil ended up pouring into the gulf. i'm julie banderas, now back to huckabee. go to for the latest headlines. >> you'd like to comment on tonight's show: . >> mike: remember the super bowl commercial starring tim tebow and his mother? the grass roots organization, focus on the family, a group in the cost hairs of the left for decades and joining me now, the president and chief executive officer, an author of a wonderful brand new book, jim daily. >> governor, thank you. >> mike: do you think the role of focus on the family, there's been some evolution over the course of the year and started out basically as helping parents with discipline issues, got very involved in trying to encourage christian people to
8:34 pm
get in the political process. where is focus on the family now in relationship to involvement in many so of the civic affairs? >> sure, we're going to stay true to the principles because we believe in them and the christian community needs to be engaged for the reasons you talked about earlier. this is a democracy so we have a place at the table. i think the other thing though that we want to emphasize certainly is the importance of family and i think unfortunately in this country, we're losing our grip on understanding the importance of family, so, it's odd that it would controversial that we would stand in the public square and say you know what? husbands, wives, love each other and raise kids in a solid way and for that we get criticism. >> that's so controversial that you should actually encourage families to stay together and people to raise their kids and do it with honor and integrity, but that seems to have been very controversial. >> in your book, it's a very challenging book called "stronger" i've got a copy of it here. one of the things you bring out. sometimes it's the challenges
8:35 pm
of of our life and tough things in life that make it stronger. you had an encounter with commissionries to china that shook you and i want you to tell me about it. >> it was in the late '90 he is, i with as in beijing and these were national chinese missionaries and as they dropped me off at the airport they said, we'll be praying for you in america, rather than simply saying thank you. how do you pray for us, they looked like their hands were caught in the cookie jar. they said we're praying for greater persecution from the church because where we sit you seem very weak. i thought about that all the way home on that flight and i think they're accurate to a certain degree, i think we in america with the affluence and all the things that we've really lessened our depens dense on god and creates problems for us. i think in the hard times where you develop character and find your dependence upon god and that's why i'm thrilled with the book "stronger". >> mike: one of the things that made you stronger was a very, very tough childhood.
8:36 pm
not easy for you. people look at you now, president and ceo of focus on the family largest ministry in the world. it wasn't like that. recap what life was like for jim daley when he was a kid. >> i came from a broken home. my mom and dad divorced when i was five. an alcoholic. and my mom remarried hank, hank the tank, i called. an exmilitary guy for a stepfather. what happened within about a year my mom had cancer and i didn't realize it. she died. i went foster care and my stepdad walked out on us. >> he walked out the day of the funeral. >> he said i have to leave. i have never talked to that man since then. i went know foster care, not all situations are bad. my dad, i reconnected with him
8:37 pm
and lived with him for a year and he died. no silver spoon. and i find it ironic, god, in my faith said i'm going to let you run this christian organization that's about families and that's what gives me the passion to write a book like "stronger" and encourage people don't trust in your circumstances, especially those of us calling ourselves christian. the joy that we have in the lord is far deeper than our immediate circumstance. if you lost your job or there's a problem, draw closer to god because he's there to draw close to you. >> mike: you know, you found those things in your life, spiritual qualities that made you stronger, even though a lot of tough steps to get there. jim daley, thank you. i appreciate your being here with us today. >> thank you, governor. thank you. [applause] >> the book is called "stronger", hope you'll read
8:38 pm
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8:42 pm
studio practicing his moves is kurt warner. curt, welcome, good to have you here. [applause]. >> thank you very much. >> mike: you know, i understand that your wife and children are big fans of dancing with the stars and they kind of talked you into this. so did they-- >> they are. >> mike: prod you a little bit? >> they did, you know, they're huge fans and they watch every week, every season and try to get me-- pull me in to watch the show as well and we've enjoyed it as a family and when the opportunity came about, they were extremely excited. you know, they didn't want dad to embarrass them on tv, but they did want to be able to take part in the show and watch it and watch dad so if he can do anything on the dance floor. so they pushed me a little bit and made it easy to make the decision. >> mike: now, i've got to ask, are you a dancer, have you done this before? or is this something completely out of kurt warner's normal routine? >> this is completely different than anything i've done before.
8:43 pm
obviously being an athlete for 30 years, that's primarily what i've done danced here and there. my wife and i met in a country bar two stepping and line dancing and all of that. this is a different word. technique, steps, the different dances you have to do. this is a new realm for me, different than what i've done before. i'm having a lot of fun and it's a tremendous challenge and i'm looking forward to monday night and on from there and see what i can do. >> mike: i've got to ask. what's tougher, quarterbacking in the nfl or preparing for dancing with the stars, thre t athletically speaking preparing for nfl, as quarterback may not be as demanding physically we play nor mentally than physically on game day, but strenuous to do the ballroom dancing thing and we're in the studio six hours a day, trying to learn moves, steps, techniques, it's
8:44 pm
definitely demanding and definitely a workout, a different kind of workout than i had in the football field. >> when you said that being a quarterback isn't all that physically demanding, curt, i've seen some of the licks you've taken in the pocket to pass and sometimes even presenting itself for a con kegs, i cushion, i'm not sure the rest of us would say it's not that tough. it's tough what you're experiencing. i've got to ask you about your family. i'm thrilled to hear your story, yours is one of the great american stories. you were working in a grocery store in iowa, sacking groceries, stocking shelves and the next thing, i mean, a few years later, you're the most valuable player in the super bowl and nfl. how do you get from sacking groceries to the most valuable player in the nfl? >> well, i mean, obviously, you have believe in yourself. a lot of hard work goes into it. i'm one that believes that god
8:45 pm
had a plan and it didn't quite play out exactly like i thought it would. and i thought i'd go right from college into the nfl and everything would be great, but what i've seen through the process, god has all of these different steps, to really give me a story, give me a testimony that can impact a lot of people. you know, we've all been in the situations where it seems like we're down and out and doesn't seem like much help and you know, my story is one that, yeah, you have faith in yourself. you have faith in god and it's amazing what can happen and i've seen that process and you know, i've tried to use that to show people, hey, god can do amazing things, even though you might not feel that you're not that amazing. that's my story, took a little guy stocking shelves in a store in iowa and gave me an opportunity to play in the nfl and a big platform to be able to share who he is to a lot of people. i know i'm blessed every day and i'm thankful the way my story played out because i
8:46 pm
think a lot of people could relate to it, very, very much. >> one of the things we often relate to you've been faithful to your calling, you're a person, curt, that never has flinched or hesitated to give a clear testimony of your faith and the pleas are lord has played in your life. i'm grateful. sometimes people get to a point they're really big and forget how you got there. you've never done that. i'm grateful to you and pulling for you to be the winner on dancing with the stars. i'd like knowing better aen my best to brenda and your family and god bless you, have a great time and have some fun out there. >> well, thanks a lot. i'm looking forward to it. i hope everybody out there in your tv land will vote or follow me on twitter, kurt 13 warner. we'll need help, not great at the dancing they think, but i appreciate your support and everybody out there who will support me along the way. >> we'll sure do it, kurt warner, thank you for being a part of our show today.
8:47 pm
[applaus [applause] >> friday was constitution day. our constitution was signed 223 years ago. actress and activist janine turner helped students learn a lot more about the day and she's next with her winner of constituting america contest. we'll be right back.
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
8:50 pm
>> mike: well, she is on a >> she's on a mission to challenge and have students challenge the constitution. she's running that chaus by promoting a contest that promotes learning. she was in philadelphia on friday celebrating constitution day, announcing the winners. janine turner and jacob wood
8:51 pm
from ventura, california winner of the best high school song category. janine, welcome back. it's so good to see you. >> thank you, so good to see you. >> mike: what is the thing you feel like is happening with the students like jacob? what are this he learning about the constitution that they didn't know, but need to know as american citizens? >> first of all, knowing, so many kids, the constitution, huh? what? and that's what worried me, wait a minute, our children, we like to say the documentary we filmed it's on the website about kids, they are just today's cultural patriotics and tomorrow's heroic leaders. if the children don't know about the constitution and about their rights, they won't no what their rights are usurped from them. there are wonderful kids and parents and learn about the constitution and supporting them. i'm glad we can do it in their medium and music and short films. >> mike: i think the song is great and i told you this before we started. i want to know it's great l
8:52 pm
lyrically and musically. and are we going to see you getting a grammy award and say it started from the huckabee show. >> first of all, it all started from janine, that'd be cool some day getting a grammy, i don't know how reasonable that is, but i just enjoy playing music and my mom running over to me with the scholarship opportunity for writing a song, you know, that was up my alley and i was all for it so i did it and ended up winning, which is awesome, a great blessing and a lot of fun and i'm honored to be able to do this with janine and all of that. so-- >> i think very clearly that after people hear this song there's a good chance that there's an agent out there that says i want to sign him and some producer would like to record it and some college president would like to offer him a scholarship to come to the school to study music, so, just putting a hint in there. let's do the song, it's called "what the constitution means to me" written and performed
8:53 pm
today by jacob wood, accompanied by the little rockers. [applause], 1, 2, 3, 4. ♪ ♪ we the people of the united states ♪ ♪ in order to form a more perfect union ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:54 pm
♪ ♪
8:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
8:56 pm
♪ ♪ (applause) >> thank you. >> the song is called "what the constitution means to me". hope you had a great time tonight and we've loved having you with us and really keep your eyes on this young man and keep your eyes on our constitution, if we don't, i'm not sure who will. thank you, janine turner and all you're doing for our
8:57 pm
constitution and reminding about what it is, to know it and love it and live it. until next week, from new york, this is mike huckabee from the fox news studios. good night and god bless everybody. ♪ [car horn honks] our outbacalways gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:58 pm
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